Girls Run These Worlds Glow in the Dark Patch

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Girls Run These Worlds Glow in the Dark Patch


Wear the patch all day with pride, and at night people will still know who runs these worlds with glow in the dark style!

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Introducing our radiant “Girls Run These Worlds” Glow in the Dark Patch – a perfect fusion of empowerment and tabletop RPG magic! From Dungeons & Dragons to Thirsty Sword Lesbians to Vampire the Masquerade to Lancer to Pathfinder to Powered by the Apocalypse to Call of Cthulu; embrace the enchanting brilliance of this patch that celebrates the awe-inspiring strength of women and the captivating worlds they run.

But the magic truly comes alive when the lights go down. As the night descends, watch in wonder as the patch illuminates in a captivating glow, revealing hidden aspects of the design that only emerge in the dark. The glow-in-the-dark effect embodies the essence of TTRPG: games of mystery, adventure, and unexpected surprises.

This versatile patch is the perfect addition to any outfit, backpack, or gaming gear, letting you proudly display your passion for women’s empowerment and the extraordinary world of D&D. Stitch it onto your favorite jacket, hoodie, or backpack to showcase your support for gender equality and your love for the fantastical realms of tabletop role-playing.

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer in the Dungeons & Dragons universe or simply a believer in the indomitable spirit of women everywhere, the “Girls Run These Worlds” Glow in the Dark Patch is a must-have accessory that ignites inspiration and sparks conversations.

Product Information

Size: 2″ Diameter

Care & Cleaning Instructions: Wipe with a barely damp cloth. Do not use bleach.

To activate the glow in the dark threading: Leave under a direct light source for at least an hour. A cell phone light will work, but much like killing vampires, sunlight is the best!


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