Haters are Vulnerable to Radiant Damage enamel pin

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Haters are Vulnerable to Radiant Damage enamel pin


“Gain inspiration when people are too much with this enamel pin: ‘Haters are Vulnerable to Radiant Damage.’ Shine bright and conquer negativity! 🌟

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Embark on a journey through wit and whimsy with our 1.5″ square enamel pin, featuring the ultimate truth: “Haters are Vulnerable to Radiant Damage.” Curate your own peace and be reminded of the power of radiant damage – a sentiment that’s both playful and empowering.

Crafted with attention to detail and a nod to TTRPG lore, this enamel pin is a tribute to the magic of words and the enchantment of tabletop adventurers. The bold proclamation “Haters are Vulnerable to Radiant Damage” is a whimsical twist that encapsulates the idea of countering negativity with positivity, and turning adversity into something extraordinary.

The radiant damage, often associated with the divine and the holy, takes center stage, reminding us that even in the face of skepticism or criticism, our inner light can shine through and triumph. Wear this pin proudly, not just as a badge of your love for TTRPG, but as a talisman that empowers you to rise above negativity with grace and charm.

Pin it to your jacket, backpack, or hat, and let it spark conversations that bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer in the realms of role-playing or simply someone who appreciates a good dose of empowerment, this enamel pin is the perfect accessory to display your unique style and unwavering spirit.

So, whether you’re casting spells, slaying dragons, or conquering everyday challenges, let our “Haters are Vulnerable to Radiant Damage” enamel pin be a reminder that your radiant positivity can overcome any obstacle. Equip yourself with this playful charm and venture forth with the confidence that your light is bound to shine through, leaving no room for the shadows of negativity to persist.


Product Description:

This pin is 1.5″ square and has GLITTER that can flake off.

Wipe gently with a barely damp cloth.

The pin comes with a high quality rubberized pin backing that locks into place to keep your pin attached!


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