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Year of the TempestMonster Care Squad

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'When the tears of the Grieving Goddess fall upon the land, all will know turmoil and rancor.'
-Prophecy of the 10th Kindling

Welcome to the land of Agni!

In this sprawling world of magic, creatures, and life a new age has begun. Academics, rangers, oral historians, and all manner of religious folk have established harmony with the natural world. As this new era known as the 10th Kindling has begun, whole societies have begun to organize themselves into monster protection groups to safeguard their world.

However, all is not well in Agni. A grim storm has appeared on the horizon and with it a terrible curse of rage has begun to accompany its rainfall.

Will our monster vets be able to hold back the tide of fury? Or will they be swept away in the Year of the Tempest?