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Powered by Good Society, the Jane Austen RPG by Storybrewers Roleplaying, Regency Remixed is a series of stories set in a more progressive Regency Era, where women hold and inherit noble titles, entailed estates and pass these down through the female line. These stories also show that LGBTQIA+ romances are a fact of life and non-binary and gender non-conforming characters exist outside of the gendered power balance, having the freedom to choose to be involved in those politics or not. They exist as prominent members of the Gentry and are able to have respectable careers as they see fit.

Avondale is a small town in the Duchy of Wessex where the Gardners have been a very influential family. After the loss of Lady Camilla Gardner, the one who fought to legalize same sex marriages and have the line of succession account for adopted children as well as biological ones, her firstborn and only biological child, Lady Dahlia, has now ascended and taken on the role of the Duchess of Wessex.

Set a year after Lady Dahlia's ascension, Tangled Web explores what life is like for those in the Gentry, as they navigate through the social season and how the presence of a secret society or two may affect them. Also, what the heck is up with Lady Weatherington and her scandal papers, anyway?