Roll 4 LuckHomebrewed D&D 5e

  • The Premise
  • The Episodes

The world of Amalgarth is still being molded by magic and ever changing atmospheric phenomenon. Outside of time and space, it holds everything as if it were plucked from every dimension, plane, and realm of existence! All manner of beings in this world go about their lives in a state of thriving, adventuring, survival, thrill seeking, grabs for power, and many others usually out of the way of one another. But something always pulls people into unraveling the mysteries of what this world is or could be, what the portals can lead to or manifest, and what really lies on the uncharted islands in the waters.

Our story begins on the continent of Rowles. Far south in a small village on the outskirts of The Great Forest of Copeland in the settlement of Woods, a small village of farmers and passers-by. Our adventurers meet in a tavern, as most do! In this small town they find old enemies, new learning experiences, bigger mysteries, and most importantly, each other!

Our Sapphic adventurers volunteer to travel deep into the forest towards the Werefolk village where they want to begin their investigation. Led by a few trueborn, scouts, and warriors from Copeland, they magically befriend a T-REX for a little while before having a boss battle against a bridge and losing! Leading up to the real fight, A Rakshasa named Kaylan that has taken over the Werefolk village by means of mind altering alchemy and the force of a captured n destressed Avatar of The Forests in the shape of a great Fey Moose/Elk! Everyone came out of this battle different than they went in it in more ways than one.