Valor – Gently on the Wind

ValorGently on the Wind

Valor puts players in the shoes of mighty heroes who are ready to take down evil and save the day.

Valor offers players over 150 unique skills to customize their characters and the unique Technique system lets them develop their own specialized attacks.

Valor rewards dramatic and clever roleplay by providing tangible mechanical benefits, encouraging players to really invest in and play their characters to the fullest extent.

Gently on the Wind is played using the high action anime inspired Valor D10 system. We are premiering their newest expansion which gives you options for the magic academy of your RPG dreams!

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Storyteller: J.M. Braceras (they/them)
Arnica (she/her) –
Nox (she/her) –
Fey (she/her) –
Anna (she/her) –
Katie (she/her) –

Produced by: Ark @ArkanianEnding