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Have you always wanted to write or draw TTRPG content? Maybe you've done comissions for others, and are ready to tackle your own project. From brand new creators to the prolifically published, TTRPG creation should be open to everyone!

We want to help you tell your stories!

We obliterate the barriers for marginalized gender people to create and publish their own TTRPG content.
We can't wait to roll with you!
Zine 1: Rebirth & New Beginnings
"When the end of days is ever present and the devastation around you smothers the possibility to heal, what will you need to start over? What will give you the strength to imagine what else could be?"
Zine 2: Legacies Broken/Fulilled
The burden of history is either created or borne. A legacy can be granted to you or forged to be left behind. They can be a gift from a predecessor, or an unruly weight that anchors and limits potential.
Zine 3: Pride
This all LGBTQIA+ author and artist 'zine will be themed around pride. From stories, items, and locations of triumph, joy, and equality, to NPCs of resistance, and every authentic representation in between, this 'Zine is system agnostic.
Zine 4: Routines
"Being worn down by the daily grind is a portrait of modern humanity, but still there is beauty, contentment, and meaning to be found in the everyday. Routines center us and connect us as people, but how do they show up in TTRPG?"
Thursday, January 19, 2023
Thursday, April 13, 2023
Thursday June 15, 2023
Thursday, August 24, 2023

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